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How Trees Can Increase Your Property Value

a tree and property value

Did you know that you can improve your home’s property value by planting trees? In fact, your home may sell for nearly 13% higher with a well-maintained and beautiful landscape.

Many people think of fresh-cut sod and colourful mulch beds when they imagine a well-landscaped home. However, trees are equally important in making a good first impression.

A Japanese maple or dogwood tree may help a buyer fall in love with your home at first sight. Read on to learn how trees can improve your home’s property value. Explore topics such as tree appraisals and how mature trees can add value to your home in Brockville.

What Is a Tree Appraisal?

Many people do not understand how planting a tree increases home value. They wonder how a hundred-dollar tree can add thousands in value.

The good news is that there are professionals that can provide clarity on this. They have a long-term perspective on the planting of the tree.

The tree will grow beautiful foliage over the property, adding curb appeal.

In the backyard, your family and guests can enjoy gazing at the trees with a slight breeze. Many homeowners choose to add a reading nook inside the home and look out at their favourite tree. A tree appraiser considers both the direct and indirect value of planting and growing beautiful trees.

What Tree Maintenance Is Necessary?

Trees do not stay perfect forever. The passing of time brings on dead branches and overgrowth. In order to keep your curb appeal and added home value, you need to stay up-to-date with tree maintenance.

Most importantly, this includes tree pruning. The process involves removing any decay, disease, or unwanted growth. It also helps your tree grow bigger and more beautiful.

Not all trees survive the elements. There are many threats on there, including inclement weather, insects, and disease.

Your Guide to Trees and Property Value

You are now ready to start planting trees and adding value to your home. A beautiful tree is certain to make your house stand out in the neighbourhood. The gorgeous colours of fall and spring are sure to catch the eyes of potential buyers. The tree expert can help you select the best trees for your home and ensure their thriving growth through pruning and bracing.

Tim Allen's Tree Services has provided commercial and residential tree services for over 20 years in Kemptville and Brockville; if you are interested in planting new trees, contact us today to get started.


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