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Certified Arborists for Right of Way Clearing in Brockville, Gananoque and Kemptville

Whether you need someone to clear a path or an entire lot, Tim Allen's Tree Services provides land clearing and tree care expertise to Brockville home and business owners. Our ISA Certified Arborists have 20+ years of experience providing right of way clearing throughout the local region so that maintenance and installation crews have safe access to utilities and service points.

Give our staff a call at 613-345-2345 to find out how we can help you.

Practical Tree Care Saves Time and Money

Tall, unkempt trees and overgrown brush are particularly dangerous when found in close proximity to roads, highways, power lines, and other utilities. All it takes is one of Ontario’s heavy winter snowfalls or harsh summer storms to topple a tree over and cause an unnecessary power outage or prevent access to essential worksites.


That’s where we come in. Our licensed, trained, and highly experienced tree maintenance crew specializes in right of way clearing. We provide cost-effective clearing to keep your crucial walkways and service points free from tree hazards.


Our company provides year-round services for property managers and utility companies throughout the area. We are also available for one-time jobs. Ultimately, we customize our service plans to meet your unique needs. Have an inquiry? We invite you to consult with us obligation-free.

Consult with a Right of Way Clearing Arborist

We bring a personalized approach to every job that comes our way. When you bring your land clearing problem to us, we’ll engage you in a dialogue to acquaint ourselves with your unique needs. In most cases, we’ll even send one of our certified arborists on-site to survey the space in-person. For instance, some of the issues we’ll look for include:

Branches close to or overhanging power lines

Weak or diseased trees alongside walkways

Uncontrolled roots nearby underground utilities

Our arborists will consult with you to develop a 100% customized plan of action for your site. We’ll explain how our capable crew will tackle the existing safety threats and proactively monitor the space for new ones. From there, we’ll give you an upfront quote on what our company will charge. We calculate our fees based on the size of land, the type of terrain, and the time of year. With us, there’s no surprises and no hidden fees—just an honest, fair price from a professional you can trust.

State-of-the-Art Tree Clearing Machinery

As an established tree maintenance company, we’ve invested heavily in our fleet of equipment so that we can accept commercial jobs of all sizes and scopes. It’s with this heavy-duty machinery that we’ve climbed literally thousands of trees:

7 wood chippers

5 bucket trucks up to 75’

2 barges

2 stump grinders

2 small service bucket trucks

1 75’ crane

Backup equipment and crews

Certified Land Clearing Company

We are a full-service tree company licensed and insured to perform a broad spectrum of right of way clearing tasks. We do all our work in-house—nothing is outsourced in order to maintain our strict standards for safety.


For us, safety is paramount. We go above and beyond industry regulations to secure properties and mitigate risk. Whatever your acreage, we have the equipment needed to fell, cut, mow, clear, chip, and haul all your trees and foliage away.

Tree Care Experts in Kemptville

Why Choose a Professional Land Clearing Service?

Tim Allen's Tree Services is capable of clearing large properties quickly and safely. Whatever your specific needs, our experienced staff are equipped to get the job done right and prepare your property for any project.


Clearing the land of trees, shrubs and excessive weeds is not a do-it-yourself task. Topsoil must be preserved as much as possible during weed elimination, which normally requires heavy equipment and technicians experienced with handling machinery. The certified arborists at Tim Allen's Tree Services can assess your property and clear land and lots for new construction, roadways and other projects that include:

Visibility and landscape balancing with ponds

Power and utility line maintenance

Restoration for wildlife habitats

Clearing for hunting properties

Natural growth management

Creating visibility for crossing lines

Eliminating invasive plant species

Creating riding or pasture trails

Creating fire escape access

Managing forest fuels

Some Trees Are More Vulnerable than Others

Trees in close proximity to your home or business should be assessed for their susceptibility to lightning strikes. Several important factors are considered in order to safely protect a tree from storm damage, including the species of the tree, its height and how close it is to any building or structure. The qualified arborists at Tim Allen's Tree Services are available to determine the best protection for your property in the Kemptville area.

Advanced Storm Protection for Trees

Tim Allen's Tree Services‘s technologically advanced system protects your property and the people on it with the installation of equipment developed to properly disperse the threat when a tree is struck by lightning. Functioning as a far better conductor than any tree, our technicians install specialized metal rods to safely channel lightning into the ground. Our lightning protection systems will never interfere with the healthy growth of your trees and preserve your commercial or residential property in Kemptville.


Call 613-345-2345 for more information.

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