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When Should a Tree Be Cabled?

trees are being cabled

Tree cabling is a common procedure that stops trees from splitting apart. Arborists install cables to stop the tree from splitting. This prevents trees from falling on nearby structures or people.

Read on to learn when tree cabling services are necessary.

Structural Weakness From Age

Older trees are structurally weaker. It's critical to reinforce their structure to keep them upright.

Steel cables and braces provide some extra support for weak tree stems and branches. The tree will still be flexible enough to grow, but it will not bend and break even when the structure is more fragile.

This is critical for the safety of your property. A falling tree branch could destroy your home or vehicle, and even small branches could injure humans. Cabling also helps the tree become more resistant to weather conditions such as high winds and heavy snowfall.

Heavy or Overextended Limbs

Limbs that are both heavy and extend beyond their range are at a heightened risk of falling.  This is particularly concerning if overextended limbs hang over sidewalks, driveways, outdoor spaces, or even the roof of your home.  In winter, the risk of a tree falling may increase due to the accumulation of snow or ice on these precarious limbs. An ISA-certified professional can help you cable heavy limbs to reinforce them.

Splitting Trunks and Branches

Trees can boost your property value. However, splitting trunks and branches may cause dangers.

One of the most common signs of a splitting tree is a weak junction near the base of the tree. This forms "codominant stems" that are about the same diameter. These stems originate from the same point on the main trunk and maintain consistent size as the tree continues to grow.

These splitting trunks need to be cabled and bolted so the tree doesn't collapse. The junction where the stems meet is structurally weak, making it susceptible to splitting during severe weather conditions. Additionally, as the tree continues to grow, the increased pressure can naturally lead to splits. This vulnerability extends to branches, which may also split and fall under such circumstances. It is crucial to reinforce the trees with cabling services.

Invest in Quality Tree Cabling Services

Now that you know when tree cabling services are necessary, it's time to resolve tree damage professionally. At Tim Allen's Tree Services, our team is committed to providing quality cabling and bracing services in Kemptville, Brockville and the Surrounding areas.

Call Tim Allen's Tree Services to learn more about how our ISA-certified team can assist and enhance your trees’s health.



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