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Do’s and Dont’s of Tree Pruning

pruning trees

Did you know that when taking care of your yard, you should also make sure you have regular tree pruning services? Why? Because tree pruning improves the health and the growth of the tree, it makes the tree's structure stronger. If you are not sure how to properly take care of trees, keep reading this blog.

What Is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is the removal of certain branches from a tree. A well-pruned tree has a better structure and grows healthier.

The Do's of Pruning Trees

There are a few things that you want to make sure you do before you prune trees. Inspect the Tree Before pruning trees, make sure to inspect them. Ensure you are keeping the overall structure of the tree, so you just want to get rid of the weak parts of the branches or parts of the tree that are overcrowded. Assess Your Trees After a Storm When storms pass through, they can often damage the trees. Make sure you assess the damage to see if the tree has to be pruned. Hire Pruning Professionals We are not all tree experts, but tree pruning companies and arborists are, especially those that are ISA certified. Hiring tree pruning professionals can make the job easier and ensure that the trees are appropriately pruned.

The Dont's of Tree Pruning

While there are things to look out for before tree pruning, there are also things you want to avoid. Make sure you don't do these things. Don't Make Improper Cuts Do not cut the tree in the wrong way. If you do, this can affect the tree's overall growth. Don't Take on a Job with a Safety Hazard Pruning trees can be dangerous, especially if the tree is unhealthy. Don’t try to prune the tree branches on the higher area. Make sure to contact professional tree pruning services instead. Don't Prune a New Tree You should always let newly planted trees grow on their own for the first year. Unless you see loose hanging branches or dead branches, you should leave these trees alone.

Leave Pruning Trees to Us

Hiring tree pruning professionals can make pruning jobs safer and easier. At Tim Allen's Tree Service in Brockville, our ISA-certified arborists know exactly what they are doing. With years of experience, you will be in good hands. When you are ready to make your yard look beautiful and ensure the health of your trees, give us a call!


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