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4 Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed

A well-kept yard is attractive, but, yard maintenance is not only important to keep good curb appeal but also essential for your family and neighbours’ safety. They'll be a time when you may need a tree removal service to ensure the safety of your property.

Here are some signs to watch so that you can avoid potential hazards

There's a Dead Tree On Your Property

One of the signs you need to call a professional tree removal company is having a dead tree on your property.

Yet, how do you know a tree is even dead?

Check the following signs:

  • The tree trunk starts leaning to one side significantly

  • Your tree stops growing leaves

  • The trunk is infested with a tree disease (or insects)

  • Hollow tree trunk holes

  • Thinning bark falling off the tree trunk

  • Zero nutrient flow under the bark (the green scratch test)

  • Tree rot

You may be able to save a tree from certain fungi and diseases if you catch them in an early stage. However, if they progress to the point of no return, you'll need to look into tree removal options.

Storm Damaged Tree

Strong winds, rain, hail, and even snow can knock down a weak tree. This problem is a serious safety hazard.

A knocked-down tree can pose the following damage:

  • Electrical hazards from affected powerlines

  • Broken windows

  • Damaged roofing materials

  • Car damage

  • Pedestrian injuries

  • Damage to your neighbour's property

It's important to keep trees (and canopies) away from powerlines. If the tree isn't dead, you can always uproot and move the tree to another location.

You're Planning a Remodel

Are you adding a new addition to your home? Do you want to build a deck or extend your patio?

You may need to remove a tree to bring your vision to life. A professional service can also remove deep, complicated root systems that have grown underneath your home.

Taking Steps toward Removing a Tree

Are you ready to remove a potentially hazardous tree or make room for home improvements? Contact Tim Allen's Tree Services. Our ISA-certified arborists have been providing tree services in Kemptville, Brockville and the Surrounding Areas for many years.


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