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Tree Cabling and Bracing Services for Protection of Tall Trees in Brockville

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Is there a tree on your property with limbs that are so heavy they’re starting to break? Are you worried that a sudden weather event might even uproot the tree itself?


In the Brockville area, these worries are common. All around us are the towering, mature trees that make our communities feel so special. While these trees might appear strong and sturdy, their sheer size makes them quite vulnerable to high winds, ice, snow—and even themselves.


Tree cabling can reduce the stress that nature’s harsh elements put on your property’s trees. Our proactive and preventative measures ensure that no excessive weight compromises the health of your cherished trees.

Saving Trees with Advanced Technology

The growth of some trees is such that their physical structure can no longer support their own weight. Tim Allen's Tree Services saves trees with our technically advanced cabling and bracing systems that support individual limbs and branches to preserve the entire tree and minimize hazards to your property.


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Tree Cabling with Care

We approach our job with more than just your trees in mind. We take a broad-spectrum approach to our trade, making sure to preserve the health of the surrounding soil and more. Most importantly, we conduct our duties with the safety of your property in mind, too.


Before we cable or brace your trees, we will carefully examine the situation. The tree examination will tell us whether we need to brace or cable the tree. As every professional knows, these two processes are quite different. The reasons one might cable a tall tree are quite different from the reasons one might brace another tree.

Difference Between Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling is typically reserved for problems pertaining to the upper canopy of your trees. The process requires our team to install steel rods between the tree’s most prominent branches. Rest assured, we’ll do this work very carefully. We install these rods to help reallocate the structural stress that might exist in some of these branches. Despite the strength of these rods or cables, your tree will still retain its ability to naturally sway with the wind.


When it comes to tree bracing, we typically deploy braces on the lower portions of the tree. This procedure also involves the installation of steel rods among the damaged limbs and branches. These rods make for a more rigid tree, which means it will likely sway less.

Tree Care Experts in Brockville

Reasons for Cabling and Bracing a Tree

  • Reduce the hazards that a damaged tree can pose to your property and occupants

  • Save an otherwise healthy tree that is structurally weak

  • Prolong the life of a damaged tree

  • Repair split or decayed limbs

Advanced Cabling and Bracing Methods

Tim Allen's Tree Services applies dynamic, static or brace cabling depending on the precise condition of the trees on your property in Gananoque. The most typical support method includes the installation of threaded steel rod braces, or a flexible high strength cable to reduce stress damage caused by heavy foliage, ice, snow, or high winds.

Inspections and After-care Service

With annual inspections and our professionally installed support systems, your trees will flourish. Safe and effective, Tim Allen's Tree Services cabling and bracing systems adjust to the natural growth of your trees and enable a longer life span.

What to Expect from a Visit by Our Qualified Arborist

Tree evaluation services include:

  • Customized cabling and bracing design

  • Structural assessment of your tree

  • Pruning of the weakest branches

  • Removal of dead or dying limbs

Free Consultation from a Licensed Tree Expert in Brockville

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